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Break Out
Jed Lindstrom
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By age fifteen, Jed Lindstrom had more money running through his hands than most kids his age, but it was all dirty money.

He stole. He dealt drugs. He loved the lifestyle-and all its perks. But something nibbled at the edge of his mind.

Jed ignored those thoughts while he sold more drugs, got high more often, and drank more alcohol. Until October 11, 2004. That night he sat in a jail cell during one of the worst times of his life.

Jed Lindstrom


Let's Go Ministry founder and director, evangelist Jed Lindstrom, is best known for his creativity and boldness while ministering the gospel in some of the darkest places of the world. The vision of Let's Go Ministry to take the gospel to the "No-Go Places" was given to Jed in 2006.

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